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.: I. Coconuts on the snow 16.-17.1.2016 :.
Sunday exam of LA2
Amigo & Dazzi
Amigo & Dazzi
místo činu
It was our first agility competition in 2016 :-). On Saturday morning I was playing with idea to stay at home, because there was freezing outside. But now I´m so glad to be there. The courses from Alice Boháčová were so nice and FAST, that we could get warmer with every run :-). And what about our results? On Saturday Amigo made me angry with contact zones so much, that I stopped him in the second run and took him away from the course. Since that time he was so good boy again. Just a pity, that we still have a problem with bars, if Amigo should jump to me or if I need to turn to the side somewhere in the course. This was 7nd competition for Dazzi and his 1st start in LA2. From 6 runs we had 2 clean runs, 1 run with one refusal which was just with the reason, that I already was at the end of the course in my mind :-D. Dazzi WON the last exam of LA2, so he was even better than Amigo, who engaged 2nd place! With this result of the last exam both my boys passed their first exam of LA2, which we need for future possible start in LA3, juhuuuuu :-)

1.LA2 - 12.G/22, 3f, 1r, 4,33m/s
2.LA2 - DIS
3.LA2 - 11.VG/22, 2f, 4,04m/s
1.LA2 - DIS
2.LA2 - DIS
3.LA2 - 6.Ex/22, clean run, 4,06m/s
.: SUNDAY :.
1.LA2 - 12.VG/23, 2f, 4,32m/s
2.LA2 - 16.VG/22, 1f, 2r, 3,55m/s
3.LA2 - 2.Ex/21, clean run, 4,87m/s
1.LA2 - 15.G/23,2f,2r, 4,21m/s
2.LA2 - 8.Ex/22, 1r, 4,18m/s
3.LA2 - 1.Ex/21, clean run, 5,02m/s

.: Eye check by MVDr. Beránek :.
Dazzling Flash of Silent Storm – CEA/PRA/Glaucom free

I´m sooo happy, that Dazzi is not only an absolutely friendly dog, without any strange behaviour and fear, not dominant or conflict, he loves agility, obedience and learning of new tricks, but he also is absolutely healthy!!! :-) :-)

.: Workshop with Pavlína Bohunová :.
Pavlína :-)
Saturday evening I spent on the second part of workshop with the topic of composition of exercises, other signals in training, how to avoid frustration. Sometimes I would need to work on the last point in the case of me, not my doggies! :-D It was great to get some knowledges from positive reinforcement even more clear :-).