breed:labrador retriever (without pedigree)lived:1.6.1997 - 25.2.2011

    Cindy was not a Border Collie but she was my very first dog. At the beginning, she was rather a family dog that I taught several exercises. Soon home exercising was not sufficient and so we started to visit the training ground of ZKO Turnov and since then I have been addicted to sports cynology. Cindy was well motivated on titbits and that is why she used to be obedient, later she became fond of retrieves, she was a reliable tracker... and we enjoyed defences just for fun. Besides obedience, Cindy managed several dog dancing exercises and when we had also Border Collies, she learnt how to overcome some hurdles from agility.
    She was a dog without certificates but an amazing dog for me... caress, social, non-conflicting, loving kids and tolerant to their awkward manner. She was a partner for me who accompanied me almost everywhere, she was at many junkets with us and until the very last days she was my faithful friend.

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