Dazzling Flash
of Silent Storm
HD:A/A (107°, 108°)
date of birth:1.2.2014OCD:free
reg. number:CMKU/BOC/7834/-14/14spondyl.:free
microchip:276096909288995CEA:normal by parents
breeding:STUD DOGTNS:normal by parents
height:55,5cmCL:normal by parents
CEA/PRA:clear (12.1.2016)glaukom:clear (12.1.2016)


    It´s the same as with all our dogs, even Dazzi isn´t only a new dog, but he is with us for a concrete reason :-). Daddy of our litters A and B is Gingerbell Zio Frank „Deep“ and I just fell in love with this dog, his really nice character, good drive and lovely face. That is why I wished to get a NONmerle girl out of him, but unfortunately no girl like this was born. But… after some time… I got a chance to keep Dazzi, who has a Deep´s sister as his grandma… :-).
    I so much like this special boy! He is so nice and lovely at home, but if there is a chance to do something, he never says no! He loves running activities but also brain-work, and what I really like, when we work together, other world doesn´t exist for him :-).
    I planned to be focused just on agility with Dazzi, but after some trainings of basic obedience I have started to love his „will to please“ so much, that obedience is our big hobby too, and partially also dogdancing. I can´t wait what future brings for us :-).

Exams:LA1, OB-Z, LA2, MD1, DwD1, F1, HtM1, ZOP, ZZO, BH, ZVOP, OB1, OB2
Titles:Master of Dogdancing of grade 1