Dazzi likes everything what we have tried. He likes the cooperation with me and also to work separately...he loves running & fast activities, but also brain work. I decided to be focused on agility and obedience, because it isn´t possible to do everything. Other activies we do just for fun in our „free/not working time“ :-).

    I every time say, that I will be active in the sport, what me & my dog like to do together, but if I can be honest, I wished so much to Dazzi liked agility as much as I do. Yes, yes, yes, he loves agility, so that is why agility is sport Nr 1 for us! :-)

    It wasn´t planned to do obedience with Dazzi. But Dazzi likes the trainings and cooperation with me so much, that I changed our future plans and our target is „simple“ – to pass OB3 (maybe one day, not now :-D).

06.12.15Obedience exams VáclaviceOB-ZMásílková216very good3./5
17.12.16Předvánoční zkoušky obedienceOB1Richterová288,5excellent?./8

    Dazzi likes doing simple tricks soooo much! Turn around, going back, tricks with paws etc. We just enjoy doing these tricks for our pleasure, but we also have passed some exams and fulfiled conditions for the title of Master of dogdancing – grade 1. In the case of some „free time“ I would like to pass also some exams from grade 2 :-).

05.07.16Hrádek nad NisouMD126excellentMalá
06.07.16Hrádek nad NisouDwD138excellentŘíhová
17.09.16Hrádek nad NisouHtM125excellentMalá

    Every time I only want to pass some basic exams with my dogs, but no other plans in this sport.

12.11.16Hrádek nad NisouBH54passedPružina

    I´m not too ambitious in herding with Dazzi, but Dazzi likes to take control of somebody, and for me it is something absolutely different from other activities which we do :-).