pedigree name:Bailes DajaveraDKK:1/2
date of birth:19.5.2007CEA:normal by parents
number of reg.:CMKU/BOC/2091/07TNS:carrier
breeding:BROOD BITCHMDR1:normal
height:48cmglaucom:clear (4.7.2011)
weight:15,5kgPRA:clear (4.7.2011)

    I bought my Bailey as an active companion and a dog for the training of sports cynology. Bailey loves all activities we do, so we do even more than I ever planned.
    Bailey´s most favourite hobby is pulling with whatever, whoever and whenever. She also loves retrieving.
   In the spring 2010 we started to train agility and I have to say, that Bailey really loves it! She is very concentraded, watching all my moves and answering to them. We were few times in agility competition and now we start in LA2. Since 2011 we are active also in trailing, we will see, what all we can do in it together :-). In our free time we play frisbee, train some dogdancing tricks and sometimes we try flyball and coursing. Time to time we go for a dogshow, but agility and trailing remains our priority.
    When somebody asks me, how Bailey is, I have to answer, that she loves everything we do, she is a restless devilkin outside and a nice and cuddly companion at home. She loves all children and men, that is why I´m her owner :).
    Bailey carries brown colour.

Exams:ZZO, ZOP, BH, ZPU-1, LA1, LA2, OB-Z, FPr1, FPr2, FPr3, STPr1, OB1, MD1, DwD1, F1, OB2
Shows:1x r.CAC
1x Winner of Mladá Boleslav
3x Regional winner
4x Winner of the class
4x Ex1, 3x Ex2, 4x Ex3, 4x Ex, VP2, VP4
Tituls:Club Champion BCCCZ