Bailey si my „sports-woman“ with all her body and mind – she is keen on all activies we ever did. She loves pulling, retrieving and using of her brain to think up, what I want to get from her, that is why we train by shaping almost every day. Sport cynology was the main activity for us for long time, but by and by I have started to prefer agility more and more and sport cynology went slowly down. Now, when Bailey is a madam already, I reduced agility competitions with her only for occasional competitions in the veteran class, and we have started with obedience trainings. She still loves learning of new tricks, playing frisbee, and time to time we do trailing... Bailey is still in great condition and loving all the activities we do.

    One of my first activities with Bailey was sport cynology. After we passed some basic obedience exams, I continued with advanced obedience and we also started with trainings of trailing and defence. My plans crossed the accident which Bailey had in agility. She lost 2 incisive teeth and it was the end of defence trainings. But we still could continue in trailing and we did. We even passed the exam of FPr3 :-).

19.10.2008ZZOSmejkal57 (z 60)xxxxxxexcellent
17.11.2008ZOPSvobodová98 (ze 100)xxxxxxexcellent
30.08.2009BHKolář44 (ze 60)xxxxxxdone
29.10.2009ZPU-1Svobodová135 (ze 150)xxxxxxvery good

19.4.2008O pohár starosty města Chlumec nad CidlinouZZO???4914./32
5.7.2008Jizera 2008ZZOHloušková4617./23
5.4.2009O pohár Achátového krajeZZOHloušková562./27
22.9.2012O Liberecký pohártrailingMach78/1006. (z 14)
3.11.2012O pohár města DoksyZZOPalfi?6. (z ?)

    We also are active in agility. In the years of 2010-2014 we got many trainings, intensive trainings and agility camps with Antonín Grygar. We competed in LA2. Since 2015 I have been training with Bailey only in our garden and in agility club Turnov, just on medium size – she likes this size much more with her high of 46cm. It´s a pity, that she couldn´t compete in medium class all her life :-).

    After I reduced agility with Bailey in autumn of 2014, I was thinking what to do now, and I decided, that obedience could be a good way for us :-). Since that time we are engaged in obedience trainings with Pavla and Marek. What´s the Bailey´s plus, she LOVES WORKING! Many times I only am not sure, if she works for my pleasure or just for hers, but it´s important, that she loves and enjoys it! Target of 2017 is clear for us, I would like to pass the exam of OB2 with the result of Excellent with her, so cross your fingers for us :-).

26.11.11II. Mikulášské závody PetroviceOB-ZVágenknechtová287,5Excellent3./13
06.12.15Obedience zkoušky VáclaviceOB1Másílková231Excellent1./6

    We tried flyball only twice. Bailey understood it as it were by chance and she loves coursing for a ball and with a ball back. For time reasons we will not attend to this sport, but it was a nice experience :-).

    Bailey simply enjoys Frisbee. She enjoys running for it, jump on it and catch it from the air and she is the happiest if I do not succeed with the throw :-).

    Bailey loves learning new exercises and tricks. In the year of 2016 we finally passed some exams, and now we need to pass just an exam of HtM1, to we fulfilled conditions for Master of dogdancing – grade 1.

06.07.16Hrádek nad NisouDwD139výborněMalá

    Bailey had been among sheep several times too. She does not bark at sheep, she does not tend to ride them down and she is interested in them very much. We don´t plan be active in herding.