pedigree name:Amigo Definitive ChoiceDKK:A/A (L-108, P-110)
date of birth:8.4.2010DLK:0/0
number of reg.:CMKU/BOC/3827/10OCD:free
microchip:981100000947607CEA:normal by parents
breeding:STUD MALETNS:normal by parents
height:52cmCL:normal by parents
CEA/PRA:clear (19.7.2013)glaucom:clear (19.7.2013)

    Amigo is my fourth dog, my third Border Collie, my second merle Border Collie and first Mr dog. If our Donee did not get lost, I would not have thought of having another dog so soon. Amigo was born three days after her evanishment. He is of the same colour, from the same father. I was thinking of whether to acquire this one or not for so long that now I say he might have been waiting for me :-).
    Amigo likes caress most of all our dogs. He permanently seeks an activity. When training he is very attentive and fast, he loves pulling and retrieving.
    With Amigo Im active in sport cynology and agility. In our free time we also play frisbee and try at least the basic elements of dog dancing.
    After his parents, Amigo is CEA, TNS and CL normal and tests have proved that MDR1 normal. After Devoted he inherited disposition for colour ee-red.

Exams:ZOP, ZZO, LA1, ZPU-1, ZM, LA2, OB-Z, MD1, DwD1, F1, HtM1, BH, OB1
Shows:2x CAJC, 5x CAC, 1x CAC SK, 5x r. CAC
10x Ex1, 7x Ex2, 5x Ex3, 2x Ex4, 2x Ex, 4x VG
2x BOB - Best of breed
1x National winner
1x Winner of special dog show
1x Regional winner
Tituls:Czech Junior Champion
Club Champion BCCCZ
Czech Champion
Master of dogdancing of grade 1