I simply love working with Amigo! He loves pulling, bringing things and he also likes to seek out by his nose. Naturally he keeps up eye contact and when training he is very attentive and concentrated, doesn´t care about other people and dogs. We will see how things will continue...

    Amigo really likes running and jumping activities that is why agility will certainly be one of our priorities. From his early age, Amigo is very attentive, he monitors all my moves which he can react to; when running he does not bark.

    We are active in all three disciplines - trailing, obedience and defences. It is hard to say what Amigo likes best. He enjoys searching a trace ofobjects by nose; as for obedience, staring he looks forward to another command; retrieves and subsequent tug-of-war are his obsessions. As for defences, he seems self-confident and excited...

16.10.2011ZOPSvobodová88/100xxxxxxvery good
2.9.2012ZPU-1Svobodová118 (ze 130)xxx18 (ze 20)very good

    Amigo loves frisbee since the puppy age. Now, when he is adult, we visit time to time trainings with TURNOFF dogfrisbee :-)

    Amigo does obedience only time to time, because it isn´t possible to do everything :-).

06.12.15Obedience exams VáclaviceOB-ZMásílková221,5very good2./5

    I do not know whether practicing piffles can be called dog dancing but we enjoy practising tricks too. For the present it is giving paw, walking on my feet, turns, slalom between feet... but hopefully we will train even other tricks.

06.07.16Hrádek nad NisouMD125výborněMalá
06.07.16Hrádek nad NisouDwD138výborněŘíhová
17.09.16Hrádek nad NisouF129výborněMalá
17.09.16Hrádek nad NisouHtM125výborněMalá

    Amigo likes coursing a lot and every time enjoy it, but it is and every time will be only a hobby for us, just something for time to time fun :-).

    We tried herding for two times. But Amigo´s herding instincts are not so much strong, that is why we don´t plan to do this activity in future.